In this short animated 'stinger' - Adobe wanted to introduce the Flash Catalyst platform.  Sabertooth pitched the idea of using a Periodic table with Adobe's application icons mixed in as the starting point for the animation.  Short and energetic, the 'stinger' is a mix of 3D animation and After FX motion graphics.  


  Adobe turned to Sabertooth Productions to introduce it's DIgital Publishing Platform based around their popular InDesign layout application.  Using Wired Magazine's digital publication as an example, Sabertooth uses 2D and 3D animation to guide the viewer through the publishing process on Adobe's Digital Publishing Platform.


  For Adobe's Coldfusion 9 launch, Sabertooth was once again engaged to create a short, energetic stinger animation.  Using a combination of 2D and 3D animation with custom sound design Sabertooth Productions delivered this stylish animation for the Coldfusion 9 product launch.


    For Adobe's Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder Platform launch Sabertooth went with a retro 'TRON-style' creative design.  2D and 3D animation combine with custom sound design to deliver a short high-energy stinger with a visual palette from the 80's video game era.


  Adobe contracted Sabertooth to create a short, stylish animation that gives the viewer a dynamic timeline of Adobe Air's evolution and impact on the industry.  The entire stinger was accomplished in Adobe's After FX using the program's 3D workspace.