Lumenis contacted Sabertooth Productions to create a number of product tours and MOA ('Mechanism of Action') animations for their surgical and aesthetic medical lasers.  In this animation they wanted a short, high-energy 'stinger' animation that introducer their new AcuPulse laser system.  CAD files were converted to photorealistic 3D models which were animated and mixed with motion graphics.


  In this product tour Lumenis introduces it's M22 aesthetic laser.  CAD files were again the starting point for creating photorealistic 3D animation.  After the CAD files were prepped the geometry was rigged for 3D animation and physically plausible materials were created for all of the M22's surfaces.  The final animation was delivered in several different resolutions and formats so it was compatible with web, mobile, and broadcast resolutions for trade show purposes.


  Another product tour detailing the Lume 1 medical laser.  Created in the same manner as the M22 product tour, the CAD files were heavily prepped in MODO before physically plausible materials were assigned.  A number of items were lacking CAD files so the geometry was custom modeled by Sabertooth in MODO.


  In this mechanism of action video Lumenis wanted to give a clear, technical overview detailing the differences in laser pulses between the different medical lasers they offer.  3D animation and Adobe's After FX were used to create the tissue cross-sections and corresponding pulse graphs.  Animation is a terrific medium for conveying complex mechanism of action (MOA) processes for technical products.


  Thermal Relaxation Time is a concept that's not particularly easy to explain, but is a vital concept for Lumenis's laser hair removal products.  Sabertooth was engaged to create an MOA animation illustrating this concept.  3D tissue cross-sections were combined with text, animated graphs and voice over to guide the viewer through the concept of thermal relaxation time.