Lutronic Product Showcase

  Photorealistic images and animated turntables were create for Luntronic's entire product line of medical lasers.  Detailed CAD files were provided to Sabertooth by Lutronic.  These were converted, processed and articulated in MODO, The Foundry's 3D application.  After the geometry was prepped physically plausible materials were created for all of the product's various surfaces, and image based textures were added for control screens, logos and identification for buttons and ports.  The 'PhotoReady' 3D assets were then used to render out still images for marketing, advertising, web, print as well as animated for trade show and advertising videos.

  This animated trade show video showcases 3D animation of Lutronics line of medical lasers.  The 3D animated footage was combined with text and motion graphics in Adobe's After FX designed to match the booth graphics at the trade shows Lutronics attends.


  This short video is intended to be shown in the lobbies of Lutronic's medical clients.  Lutronic requested a short and concise video promoting the technique of laser hair removal and wanted to give some insight into the technical processes behind laser hair removal.  Sabertooth accomplished this with a number of stock and custom shot video combined with 3D animation of Lutronic's Advantage product and some custom MOA ('Mechanism of Action') animation.