Optimedica approached Sabertooth Productions to create a number of MOA ('Mechanism of Action') animations for their Catalys surgical laser product.  In a Mechanism of Action animation 2D or 3D animation is used to explain a particular technical process or product.  In this case, the role of the Catalys system in laser eye surgery.  Optimedica wanted to create a video for prospective patients comparing the role of it's Catalys system in cataract surgery versus the use of manual surgical instruments.

  In another MOA animation Optimedica wanted to give surgeons an in-depth look at how it's Catalys laser system scans and creates a 3D model of a patient's eye to aid in the surgical process.  Complex processes like this are readily visualized with the use of 3D animation.  In this case Sabertooth employed MODO's particle system to visualize the scanning being done by the Catalys laser.

  A photorealistic 3D model of the Catalys laser system was created with the help of CAD files provided by Optimedica.  Sabertooth Productions has a very refined process for transforming CAD files into photorealistic, animate-able 3D assets.