Oracle contacted Sabertooth for this introductory video that played during the 2014 Oracle Cloud conference.  We used a combination of Adobe Premier and After FX for text effects, keying and color correction, background creation and particle effects.


  For Oracle Retail's Crosstalk 2013 event, Sabertooth Productions was engaged to create the opening animation and graphics for their live event's big screen.  In addition to the opening motion graphics,  a number of retail partner executives were shot on greenscreen and composited over entirely 3D generated backgrounds.

  Different rooms were created for each partner and rendered in ultra wide aspect ratio.  The greenscreen footage of the various executives was color corrected and composited on top of the photorealistic backgrounds.

  Opening and closing motion graphics, as well as background motion graphics and titling were created for Oracle's 2013 Excellence Awards opener for their live event.  Partner executives were again shot on greenscreen and composited over stylish motion graphics.  3D animation software was employed to give dynamic motion to the opening and closing segments.


  Sabertooth created this video detailing the Oracle Cloud for Oracle World 2014.  Extensive keying and color correction work was done to pull all the disparate footage together into one cohesive edit.  Titling was done in Adobe After FX.

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