Photorealistc renders are quickly replacing product photography for images used in product launches, advertising, web, print and tradeshow media.  This process utilizes a mixture of the product's CAD design files, physically accurate materials created at Sabertooth, studio lighting that's been digitally captured and precise photo-retouching techniques.  Sabertooth Productions excels at creating photo-real materials and has been contracted to create material libraries for several of the premier CAD and 3D rendering applications used today (including Solidworks, Catia and MODO).  Utilizing photo-real 3D renders of your product's CAD files offers much more flexibility than product photography.  Updated parts can be swapped into existing renders, logo and color changes can be made quickly without having the cost or time of a photo re-shoot.  Furthermore, once your product has been transformed into a photo-ready 3D asset you can use it for any type of media, including 3D Mechanism of Action (MOA) animations and even VR presentations.