Teledyne and Axis CAD solutions came back to Sabertooth to create an animation of their above ground ("topside") equipment.  Once again MODO was employed to bring in both CAD, custom modeled and purchased assets.  After FX was used for compositing.


   All of the different equipment setups and environments existed in a single scene in MODO.  Replicators were used for the rocks, plants and trees and MODO's painting tools were used to create masks for the ground and snow displacement.  The scene was sent to Rebus Renderfarm for final rendering due to the rapid deadline - Rebus's new plugin and system tools made the process really easy (thankfully ; ) ).

  Rob Rodriguez of Axis CAD Solutions came to Sabertooth Productions to collaborate on a complex underwater animation for Teledyne Oil and Gas.  The project was quite extensive and required a fair amount of back and forth between MODO and Solidworks.  With a dozen or so detailed CAD models of complex underwater drilling equipment a lot of geometry prepping and texturing work needed to be done prior to any animation starting.

  The project's goal was to showcase the role of Teledyne technology in the underwater Oil and Gas ecosystem.  Once the scene had been set up with all the equipment in the correct place the entire animation was orchestrated in a single long camera move.  Deep water ROVs were articulated as they roamed around the underwater landscape maintaining the equipment.  MODO's renderable curves were used extensively for cables and pipes, and the particle system was put into effect for underwater detritus.


  For the above water sections a deep water oil rig and oil tanker model were purchased.  All of the shots were rendered in layers so fog, depth-of-field and and particle opacity could be adjusted later in post.  A render farm was employed for this project due to the vast number of frames and HD resolution.