Sabertooth Productions has been providing the highest quality 3D Rendering and Animation services to our Silicon Valley clients for nearly 20 years.

We specialize in hi-tech and medical device photo-real product stills from CAD data, full-blown 3D product tours and in-depth mechanism of action animations as well as scientific animations for exhibits or broadcast delivery.

Turn your product’s CAD data into beautifully photo-real 3D renderings.


We’ve perfected the process of creating beautiful 3D product renders from our client’s CAD data. Once we’ve created a photo-real digital asset from your product you can continue to re-use that asset for additional photography, animated product tours, mechanism of action animations and VR presentations.


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Compelling Scientific Animation


Sabertooth has been working closely with the Monterey Bay Aquarium for nearly 20 years supplying beautiful and compelling 3D animation for exhibits and theatre shows.



Mechanism of Action


Mechanism of Action (or, MOA) animations are a fantastic way to demonstrate the inner workings of your product. High-tech, medical device and bio-tech products often have a challenging story to tell. 3D animation is the perfect medium to tell the complex inner-working of a medical device, pharmaceutical or technology product.



Product Tours


Don’t stop with photo-real 3D renders of your products, create fully animated 3D product tours using the very same assets.