Expressions and Assemblies tutorial and some musings.


  So I'm off on a run with my son tonight (he's turning 12 this weekend) and we're chatting a bit.  He's showing some interest in computer graphics so I thought I would talk a little about the history of computers with him.  I started off with the original Pong (which my Dad brought home one day and I played in my garage with my brother on a black and white TV), moved on to the Atari 2600 and then the Atari 800 (my first 'real' computer, loved that thing).  We talked a little about the Apple 2 a bit because it was a contemporary of the Atari 800 and a couple of my friends had them.  It was here the disconnect between this generation of kids became apparent.  He wondered if the Apple 2 was a cool phone......huh? 

  "It wasn't a phone it was a a box, about this big (hands held apart).  It only had one  My Atari 800 was better".  Which reminds me btw that Apple owners were snobs all the way back in the early 80's.  Typical conversation between my friend and I would go like this - (him) "Apples' better"...(me) "What are you talking about, everything is the same green color and it's sound sucks"...(him) "It's APPLE!" if that point of fact was an actual argument in his favor.  But I digress.  My son then asked if the iPhone 1 was out if it was from the same era!  I hadn't even gotten to the Atari 1040ST yet and my beloved Amiga 3000.  I told him "Ummmm, no.  That was just  6 or 7 years were alive you know.  It wasn't all that long ago."

   The time scale of a 12 year old isn't really synced with that of a 43 year old.

  Anyway, here's you video on Expression Nodes and Assemblies. : )